Engine Performance



Engine performance is a large factor in your car or truck, yet many people don’t actually know how an engine does work. Regardless of if you are driving a Porsche or a Pinto our service team will help your vehicle’s engine perform at its highest level.  The engine has several features that we will briefly touch on here.

Is your car’s engine underperforming? We would be more than happy to take a look and ensure that you are getting the peak performance out of your automobile. Some of the services that we provide are fuel injector flushes and intake manifold decarbonized.

At Whiskey Creek Auto Service we test new performance enhancing parts. The picture taken at
Immokalee Raceway is just one of many of the cars that we have optimized for peak engine


How your engine performs starts with the intake. Air flows into your auto where it is mixed with fuel, then burned to generate power. The more air flow intake that goes into your engine will yield more power to your car. Vehicles do have restrictors that limit the amount of air that flows to the engine by removing some of these restrictions the vehicle will mix more air with fuel; thus more power.


Different conditions will cause your engine to perform differently. To combat this most modern engines have advanced in technology to the extent that they will perform at an ultimo level given the particular condition. For example, Honda has come out with the i-VTEC system. This changes the timing of the valves. The valves control the intake of air into your engine as well as the amount of exhaust that your engine produces. The Honda system works based on the amount of rotations per minute (RPM) that your engine is producing. When the Honda car needs more power, the valve allows more air intake and perform at a higher level.


When we talk about a compression ratio, we are referring to how much the pistons of your vehicle compress the air that goes into the cars cylinders. Generally speaking a higher performance auto will have a higher compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio the more power that is produced by the engine. There is one major downside to cars with a high compression ratio and that is that they need higher octane gasoline.

Turbochargers and Superchargers

Simply put a turbocharger or superchargers are a type of compressor that will pressurize the air that goes into your engine. By compressing the air prior to mixing the air with the fuel more air is able to mix which gives a substantial increase in the amount of power the engine has.


The final step is to understand the exhaust. Similar to the way the intake system works, the more restrictions that are on the exhaust the less the power to the car. If you are able to rid yourself of some of the restrictions you will increase the overall power to the vehicle. Most high performance exhaust systems use a high-flow muffler. While they tend to be louder than a traditional muffler it reduces backpressure. This in turn allows more fuel to burn faster.